LED Lighting Services

The Energy Smiths are San Diego’s experts in LED lighting services.

We work best on commercial sites with extensive lighting and high energy bills, and take you through the entire energy efficiency process with ease. We have custom design and financing options tailored to your needs giving you the best output and lighting experience!



Our lighting experts survey your facility to identify your needs and build a custom lighting upgrade plan. We audit your lighting and energy usage to see where improvements can be made and maximum savings can be found. Our lighting services make this an easy, no stress process.



New LED fixtures and retrofit kits provide an updated, modern look while using significantly less energy. This upgrade does not only improve the look of the office, but increases employee productivity or improves the look of products in a showroom.



Parking lots and exterior areas surrounding your facilities need to be secure. Upgrading to white color LED fixtures improve night time visibility increasing safety and lowering energy costs. Amber colored lights make nighttime driving difficult and contribute to light pollution.



Cutting edge controls improve your LED fixture performance by controlling your lighting output with dimming and occupancy based controls. This connects to your lighting, allowing for a simple interface and control over energy usage. We work with all types of lighting services in San Diego!


The Energy Smiths offer a FREE site consultation, giving you information on savings, rebates, and installation.

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