Who are The Energy Smiths?

The Energy Smiths come from a strong energy-engineering background. For 20 years, we have been working in the energy efficiency industry consulting and designing projects for various customer types in San Diego. Our background allows us to understand the lighting industry as well as the needs of our customers. We work directly with utility companies so we understand rates in a way no other contractors do.

We take pride in educating our customers on energy and LED lighting, and deliver an experience beyond what we promise.


How we Began:

The Energy Smiths is owned by David Gordon and Jason Knight. We have strong backgrounds in energy efficiency, engineering, and sales. The ownership began working in the energy efficiency industry nearly 25 years ago, and for the past 15 years David and Jason have owned a consulting company that provided energy efficiency assessments and lighting project specifications to various customers.

Now, David and Jason have chosen to expand on the deep industry knowledge and offer custom lighting upgrades. The Energy Smiths stand out from typical lighting companies because we have deep knowledge about the products on the market, utility programs, and most importantly utility rates. We take the time to analyze the utility rate tariffs each of our clients are billed against and we accurately use the appropriate billing rate for our energy savings analysis.

The Energy Smiths are based in San Diego, California and have completed projects all around Southern California. We know how SDG&E rates and rebates work, and can give the greatest returns because of this relationship.


Our Expertise:

We are experts in interior and exterior lighting. Warehouses, large offices, and parking lots are some of the best places to see significant lighting improvement and changes in energy usage. We have completed projects everywhere from motorcycle warehouses to post offices, and all saw substantial changes in workplace environments and utility savings.


Contact us to hear how The Energy Smiths can improve your bottom line at $0 out of pocket!