LED for San Diego Commercial Properties

Why is LED Lighting for San Diego Commercial Properties Important?

We get this question a lot from commercial property owners in San Diego. We understand that they are some of the busiest people on the job and don’t have time for new projects most of the time. Our job is to make their life easier!

With LED lighting, not only is there a great reduction in energy bills, but it takes pressure off of the already busy property manager and facilities staff. The usual light bulbs used in parking lots, offices, and warehouses do not have a long lifespan, and can burn out after a 1-3 years, or less. This means there are not only the costs to replace the dead bulbs, but to have someone set up a ladder and replace each burnout. These maintenance costs add up just as fast as the replacement costs of the bulb. With LED lighting, these costs can be slashed. After installation, replacement will not likely be necessary for 10 years or more. Likely there will be no replacements, no maintenance, and fewer problems than with CFL or low pressure sodium bulbs.

Why bother?

The biggest draw of LED lighting upgrades is reduced energy consumption. Not only does this help the environmental footprint of a property, it also saves another type of green – money! LEDs use significantly less energy than their CFL or low pressure sodium counterparts. Depending on how many lights are present and how long they are ran, this could mean huge saving solely through reduced energy consumption on a monthly utility bill. With the local San Diego utility’s rates increasing almost every year, now is the time to make the change.

The best part about LED lighting when you go with the Energy Smiths? Peace of mind. We work with your busy schedule, trying to make your job easier and more efficient, alongside the lighting. We offer a no cost consultation of lighting and energy usage to see where consumption can be reduced and money can be saved. Our jobs not only reduce energy used, but also increase employee and resident satisfaction. Brighter lights with better visibility help workers stay focused and have been seen to improve morale.

What can I do?

Are you a property manager in San Diego, or do you know someone who is? Reach out to us today to see how LED lighting could make a positive change in your workplace. We love to help businesses in the San Diego area, as well as Southern California at large. click here to send us an email to schedule a free quote!