How can LED Lighting Benefit Business?

With energy prices constantly on the rise, many business owners are looking for options on how to save money. What generally comes to mind first is investing in solar energy. Although switching to renewables is a great option for the environment, it is just a temporary patch on the problem. Wouldn’t it make more sense to lower consumption FIRST then offset electricity costs? What many people don’t consider first is LED lighting. How does LED lighting benefit business?This type of thinking is common now, focusing on fixing the problem after-the-fact rather than starting at the root of the situation. The easiest way to reduce monthly utility bills is right over your head. Lighting!

A commercial business’s lighting cost can range from at least 10 to 30 percent of an average monthly utility bill. This number can be halved with little effort by switching to LED lighting. This type of lighting is not like your typical screw in bulb; light emitting diodes (LEDs) are small lights that fit into an electrical circuit without producing heat like a fluorescent bulb. These tiny lights can last thousands of hours more than their usual mercury-based counterparts.

There are many benefits of LED lighting that aren’t even related to cost. Improved occupant comfort, lower or even eliminated maintenance costs, improved employee production, increased property value, improved security in outdoor applications, and creation of a sleek, modern look.

According to David Gordon, owner of The Energy Smiths, “Lighting is the most cost efficient way to cut down on energy bills, and it is also the most tangible. Everyone can physically see and feel the improvement.”

The benefits of LED lighting stack up, ultimately making a large impact on property value. The market for LED lighting is growing 45% annually, making right now an ideal time to invest. 

If your business can benefit from these upgrades, call The Energy Smiths today to schedule a free consultation!