No More Outdated Lighting!

Have you ever heard of low pressure sodium (SOX) light bulbs? These were a common option for parking lots and large structures, clearly identifiable by their orange glow. One of the main manufacturers, Philips, announced this old technology will be phased out of production by 2020, creating big implications for the lighting industry. We are on a mission to spread the word – no more outdated lighting for San Diego!

Rising energy efficiency standards and new technology is pushing this old-timey product out of the market. With the advent of LED technology, SOX lamps didn’t stand a chance. Comparisons of energy consumption, cost of upkeep, and technology connectivity do not leave SOX in a favorable light to customers looking to save time and money.

This news sends a message to all producers of outdated lighting technology – it’s time to move forward.

Phillips made this choice in order to focus on newer, smarter, more energy efficient technology. They are not only focusing on regular LED lights, but also LEDs with connective technology, a growing trend with the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT). San Diego is one of the leaders of IoT technology with smart street lights downtown and multiple local tech businesses bringing awareness to this trend.

Next time you are in a large parking lot, look around for bright orange lights! You will be surprised how many you can see still, but they will be going away soon. Not only because of their high energy usage, but low visibility that even raises safety concerns. Compared to white LED lights, you can see a significantly shorter distance away. This is both dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Over the next few years with the SOX phase out, this problem will lighten up.

You can see here on the right, many low sodium bulbs pumping out inefficient, dull light. On the left, high efficient, bright LED lights! There is a huge difference in cost, upkeep, and most obvious, look!

Does your business still have low pressure sodium bulbs? Now is the time to upgrade! Need help identifying if you have these, or if your current lighting technology is not as energy efficient as it could be? Reach out to us for a FREE energy consultation! We want to help you keep up to date with the best, most efficient technology. Call us at (760)807-2911 or send us a message!