Burnt out Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

My fluorescent light bulbs constantly burn out, now what?

Many property owners are faced with the problem of burnt out fluorescent lights, spending money on replacement bulbs and installation. This is one expensive problem with a surprisingly easy solution: LED lighting!

An average warehouse uses approximately $1 per square foot on lighting each year with inefficient lights installed. Warehouses can be sprawling, costing companies thousands of dollars on their utility bills every year. LED lighting creates possibilities of huge savings because of slashed energy usage coupled with significantly lower maintenance costs.

Recycled light fixture made with burned out lightbulbs before upgrading to LED lighting at an apartment complex in San Diego, California.

At one of our recent projects in San Diego, we found a creative, totally recycled light fixture made with the lights that had burned out around the complex! Warehouses are not the only facilities that burn through light bulbs at a fast pace, but apartment complexes use lots of lightbulbs! Hallway and outdoor lighting can be on for long hours creating high energy and maintenance bills.

The Energy Smiths work on all types of buildings looking to lower energy bills, whether it is an apartment complex, warehouse, office, or parking lot! We have provided many sites in San Diego with LED lighting upgrades offering energy savings, lowered maintenance costs, and beautiful looking fixtures. If your office is needing an upgrade, we can help! We offer FREE energy consultations around San Diego county and beyond, contact us for more details!