We Celebrated America Recycles Day!

Did you know November 15th is America Recycles Day?

As an LED lighting company, the majority of our work is at residential and commercial properties removing used lighting fixtures and replacing them with more efficient models. At our latest project, we walked out with over 200 gently used lighting fixtures, and were at a loss at where these could be best used.

America Recycles Day with The Energy Smiths in San Diego

This America Recycles Day, The Energy Smiths team paid a visit to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore with a truck full of fixtures. We do not only strive toward helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy usage, but also try to incorporate different sustainability measures when it is possible. Not only does donating these fixtures keep them out of the landfill, it helps benefit our own community. When donating to the ReStore, the money raised helps build new Habitat homes in San Diego, and local residents working on home improvement projects can save money. We hope home or business owners can benefit from these fixtures, and keep going with sustainable improvement projects!

The fixtures we donated were not efficient when they were in use, but their future can still be bright! By replacing a CFL bulb with and LED equivalent, one can expect much longer lifespan and lower operating costs. With the prices of LED lights and operating costs, NOW is the ideal time to upgrade lighting in your home and office. The process can be as easy as switching a bulb, or retrofitting a new lamp for further energy savings. Any installation of LED lowers impact compared to CFL alternatives, and does not contain any of the harmful materials used to produce other types of lighting.

The Energy Smiths are here to answer any of your LED lighting questions or concerns, so call us today at (760)807-2911. And of course, if you have old building materials or furniture, or are in the market for home items, be sure to check out your local ReStore!